Update: Calling All Perry Hall Gators!

Do you or does someone you know want to participate in a momentous occasion for Perry Hall High?

Perry Hall High School Celebrates it's 50th Graduation Ceremony!
Perry Hall High School Celebrates it's 50th Graduation Ceremony!

Hello Everyone,

Perry Hall High School needs your help!

This is the 50th Graduation Year at Perry Hall High School, therefore we're having a very special Graduation Ceremony for this year only. One person from each graduation year is having the honor of walking in a processional, caring a banner of their graduation year. The date is May 27th at Towson University, there will be only 1 rehearsal for the processional at 5 pm & the actual processional starts at 7pm. Those who participate in the processional have the option to stay or leave right after the processional is over. Out of the 50 years, there are classes that need Gators to hold banners. Here are the graduation years that we need Banner Carriers for.

1967, '68, '73, '84, '85, '86, '87, '88, '89, '95, '97, '99, 2003, '05, '06.

I'm honored to carry the class of 1991's banner. Do you or someone you know wish to be a part of this momentous occasion as well? Please let us know ASAP if you or you know people who graduated from any of the above mentioned classes. Please contact Cindy Horn or myself through Facebook, or via email at ddschillinger@gmail.com (me) or alumnicindy78@verizon.net (Cindy) ASAP. Thanks!

Best wishes,
Debbie Stephis Schillinger

Secretary, PHHS' Alumni Association Board

PHHS' 50th Anniversary Committee


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