Debbie Schillinger Officially Announces Candidacy for Delegate!

Authority: Debbie Schillinger for Delegate
Authority: Debbie Schillinger for Delegate

Do you want your vote to count? Shouldn’t the people that you vote into public offices stand up for you and represent your needs, instead of representing their own personal agendas? I believe our district should be represented by a true Delegate who upholds a true democracy. I urge everyone to research your candidates, select the Candidate who primarily resides in your district who will represent your needs and wants, and vote!  

I would like to introduce myself, my name is Debbie Schillinger and I think it’s time that “We the People”(1) regain the power of our government. In the footsteps of my Ancestors, I decided to run for Delegate in Maryland’s Eighth Legislative District in 2014 because District Eight and Maryland deserves a Delegate who keeps the people informed on issues and the bills presented by other Delegates to be voted upon, listens to the people’s needs and wants, presents bills and votes based on the will of the majority of the people. It’s that simple, and that’s what true democracy was intended to be when our country was founded. The Eighth District includes: Rosedale, Overlea, Fullerton, Parkville, Carney, Perry Hall, White Marsh, Nottingham, and Rossville. 

As your elected Delegate, I will ensure that “the People of this State have the sole and exclusive right of regulating the internal government”(2) by representing the majorities needs and wishes simply because that’s the job description of a Delegate in a democracy, and it’s the right thing to do. A true democracy is a government that is of, by, and for the people of whom base their decisions upon what’s best for the majority in order to encourage equality, keep the peace, protect the environment, defend liberty, promote education, and uphold justice. No matter what my personal beliefs are, my goal is to represent the will of the majority because that’s what true democracy is about. If you want a true representative for the people, vote for me as Delegate!

I have been, and will continue to be, a “Trustee of the Public”(3) through volunteerism. I encourage everyone to volunteer, however I strongly believe that all politicians (local, state, or federal) should assist their communities by volunteering. Within the Eighth District, I volunteer for Adopt A Road Clean Ups throughout the district, the Eastside Family Shelter, the American Red Cross, and BCPS. I’m a Board Member of the Historic Perry Hall Mansion, and the Perry Hall High School Alumni Association. I am a member of the PHHS 50th Anniversary Committee, The Women’s Club of Perry Hall, Trinity Episcopal Church, and the National Society Daughter’s of the American Revolution serving as a Delegate for my local Maryland Chapter. I am currently awaiting news of my petition for membership with the Order of the Amaranth as well.

My pooled knowledge and experiences regarding Volunteerism; 23 years in Customer Service; College Education in Photography, Art Education, Volunteerism, and Government and Politics; and additional life experiences such as historic research and preservation make me a strong candidate for Delegate. I look forward to the opportunity to represent the district that I attended High School in, lived most of my adult life in, and am raising my daughter in. I have lived in my current home within the perimeters of District Eight for the past 5 years with my husband of 21 years, my 13 year old daughter, and our two adopted dogs.

I would be honored if the good people of District Eight select me as their Delegate. After a long recovery process from surgery in 2013 due to one of my limited physical abilities, I’m now ready and looking forward to meeting my fellow District Eight neighbors over the next several months. To view my calendar of events, learn more about me as your Delegate Candidate, and view additional pages, sites, and links that I have such as Google+, Twitter, and Linkedin please view my Website address at www.debbieschillinger.com. Thank you for your consideration, and please remember to vote on June 24th and November 4th!

(1) Ref.: US Constitution Preamble 

(2) Ref.: Maryland Constitution 

(3) Ref.: Maryland Constitution


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