Fannie Mae 3-Bedroom Homes For Sale

4617 Hawksbury Road
4617 Hawksbury Road

Not all foreclosures are owned by bank or lenders.  Fannie Mae, the government sponsored entity which securitizes home mortgages, also has foreclosures listed for sale.  Fannie Mae has 236 foreclosures with 3 bedrooms or more located in Baltimore County that are eligible for special HomePath financing.  Three of the more recent of these homes listed for sale are:

1.       12823 Cunninghill Cove Road, Middle River, MD: Sales Price – $210,000

2.       4617 Hawksbury Road, MD: Sales Price - $179,900

3.       605 Strandhill Court, MD : Sales Price - $419,000

If you’re purchasing a home, find all homes listed for sale in Baltimore County, including all foreclosures, or to find all homes listed for sale anywhere in Maryland, visit www.marylandproperties4sale.com .

For more information regarding special Homepath Financing for Fannie Mae listed homes, call 1st Mariner Bank at 877-733-4411.


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