Perry Hall Improvement Association Releases Fall Newsletter

The community organization's latest seasonal newsletter is packed with local information.

The Perry Hall Improvement Association has released its fall newsletter with information about local events and programs.

The full newsletter can be found in the media gallery or by clicking on this link. It includes the following statement from , PHIA president:

Dear Neighbors:

On August 27, 2012, the unthinkable occurred at Perry Hall High School when a student was shot in the school cafeteria. We have all heard news reports about similar incidents elsewhere, but we never thought it would happen here in a community that is among the safest by most measures. Our children should never have to be concerned for their safety, especially when they are at school. Although it was a tragic event for many reasons, recent reports indicate that the victim is on his road to a recovery. Please continue to keep Daniel and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

This was a tragedy, but it could have been much worse. Thanks to a guidance counselor at Perry Hall High School who acted swiftly, further harm was prevented. Police responded quickly to coordinate an orderly evacuation and ensure the safety of students. Teachers and administrators have helped students focus on learning in the aftermath of this event. The students at Perry Hall High School will certainly never forget what happened on that day, but it does not have to define their high school experience. We should all try to focus on what happened after this event: students comforting each other, an abundance of support for Daniel and his family, people coming closer together, and the palpable support from a community that truly cares. This event demonstrated that things like this can happen anywhere, and that no community is immune from violence. What makes Perry Hall different is that people ran towards each other, not away from each other. This is among the many reasons I am proud to call Perry Hall “home.”

As much as we would like to, we cannot change what happened on that day, but we can talk to our kids about how to handle threats of violence and give them a big hug when they get home from school today and every day.

Please continue to keep Daniel, his family and the entire Perry Hall High School community in your thoughts and prayers.

Dennis M. Robinson, Jr., President, Perry Hall Improvement Association

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