McDonough Weighs Challenges to Ruppersberger, Cardin

Republican delegate expresses desire to be on 2012 ballot.

Opposition to illegal Immigration and related issues have been synonymous with Pat McDonough since the Middle River Republican was elected to Maryland House of Delegates in 2002.

Now that a bill that would grant in-state college tuition rates to some illegal immigrants is set to be on the 2012 ballot, McDonough appears ready to see if that link could propel him to a seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Or perhaps even the Senate.

McDonough hinted at a 2012 campaign during a July 9 interview with me.

"I want to be on the ballot with the referendum," McDonough told me.

He declined at the time to say exactly what race he was considering though it had long been known he was exploring a run against Rep. C.A. "Dutch" Ruppersberger.

Late Wednesday, McDonough announced that he continues to consider challenging five-term Democratic Rep. Ruppersberger but is also eying a run for Senate against Ben Cardin.

"After much thought and consultations with others, I have decided that if the 2nd Congressional District is gerrymandered rendering it impossible to win, I will take a serious look at seeking the Republican nomination for the U.S. Senate seat in Maryland," McDonough said in a statement. "There is very little difference between Dutch Ruppersberger and Ben Cardin.  They are liberal political twins and Obama clones.  My vision for America is completely different than their tax and spend big government agenda.”

Daniel Bongino, a former New York police officer and Secret Service agent, has already announced his intentions to seek the GOP nomination and challenge Cardin.

Bongino issued a statement both on his Facebook page and his Twitter account late Wednesday night.

"I want to ensure the citizens of MD that I respect the primary process along with anyone who chooses to enter the race @ this critical moment in our history," Bongino wrote. "But, make no mistake, I will never give up this fight. I left it all on the line because I believe in an idea much greater than me & no one can silence that."

McDonough, in his statement, said part of the decision is out of his control.

"These are unsettling times where the pathway is not always clear," McDonough said in his statement. "Unfortunately, the decisions that we make are overly controlled by outside forces."

The deciding factor is likely to be the redrawing of the state's eight congressional districts. is holding meetings around the state between July and September.

It is expected to deliver recommendations for redrawing the districts by the time the General Assembly meets for a special session scheduled for the week of Oct. 17.

McDonough said he remains interested in running against Ruppersberger even though the district "remains a challenge" for a Republican candidate.

"Of course, the redistricting and the new district will not be revealed until October," McDonough said in his statement. "At that time, if the 2nd Congressional District transforms from ‘uphill to impossible,’ my personal decision will become clear.  It will not make any sense to ask family, friends, and supporters to engage in a campaign that cannot be won.  That will be a choice forced upon me by political powers over which I have no influence or control.”

None of this means McDonough will run for either seat.

In 2010, McDonough said he was considering runs for both governor and Baltimore County executive. He also had considered a run for state Senate.

None of those campaigns materialized.

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nor August 13, 2011 at 09:07 PM
Robert...can you state who you served with in Grenada and Desert Storm and the timeframe/periods? Buzz, I don't have to align myself with Robert on everything he comments about....I agree with him about Del. McDonough and the 2 of 50 record. That doesn't mean I agree w/everything he says.....just as if I agree w/you on some things, it doesn't mean I agree with everything you say. However, I do know that McDonough calls many people and organizations names publicly as do his colleagues on WCBM...is that professional? It appears to me that you are completely aligned with McDonough and will not disassociate yourself from many of his comments....and apparently you guys are friends? McDonough has 1 agenda and it revolves around illegal immigration...in particular, hispanic immigration. I have never heard Ruppersberger or Cardin refer to any individual or organization other than by their real name....unlike McDonough, Sean and Frank, Tom Marr and others at WCBM who consistently refer to people and organizations using derogatory names. Tune into his show tonight and listen to the name calling.....and what will he most likely talk about...illegal immigration...over and over and over. As I have already stated several times...he has no shot at defeating Cardin or Ruppersberger....and will never get any further than representing his district of many, not all, who focus on one agenda...illegal immigration.
Bart August 13, 2011 at 10:47 PM
nor, I refer to WCBM as "Snark Radio". I used to listen a lot when they had informative shows on, Now it's all negative, all the time, and yes, they do quite a bit of name-calling. I think Limbaugh rubbed off on them. McDonough wouldn't stand a chance against Ruppersberger or Cardin
Buzz Beeler August 13, 2011 at 11:28 PM
Nor, I thiink there is a difference between comments and slurs. Issues like one who is left, right, socialist, etc. is within bounds. I don't listen to WCBM that much. I watch natgional news. If he does use speech that contains slurs like Robert that is wrong. The political agenda in and by itself is not necessarly wrong. I have posted videos of illegals destroying the flag and using racial eptpaths and that is wront no matter what side your on.
Buzz Beeler August 13, 2011 at 11:42 PM
Robert, nor asked you a question like I have a million times about your accomplishments. I would think the educated thing to do is respond. Your unit, duty station, assignments etc. Your commanding offers might also help. As I said I never found any information on the net of Robert Armstrong with that kind of background. You must have been a very busy man earning three college degrees while also learning 6 languages while serving in the military. For a man who has spent his whole life in the military with thre degrees you should be familiar with American Pop Culture. I was not referring to the "Limbaugh Rock" but the dance tune by Chubby Checker and his hit song and the dance tune "The Limbo Rock." There are documents that one can use that does not include pertinent information regarding their background. I use them all the time. I stand by my statement that your claims are false, all of them. Besides, no retired military man or college graduate with three degrees would chose your writing style. I think that is self evident.
nor August 15, 2011 at 03:37 PM
Robert...just time period and units you were with in Grenada and Desert Storm....no uploads,etc.


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