10 Spots For Hot Chocolate In Cold Perry Hall

Find out where to get your chocolate fix on a chilly day.

It's cold around Perry Hall—really cold. Temperatures have been lingering in the upper teens and low 20s all morning, and a sleet and snow storm is predicted Friday, according to the National Weather Service.

But at least you have an excuse to indulge in a steamy cup of cocoa.

Last year, we shared five places in Perry Hall to order hot chocolate. This year, we've added a few more. Did we forget your favorite place? Tell us in the comments.

  1. Double-T Diner, 4140 East Joppa Rd. Hot chocolate is served in a mug for $1.80 per cup with optional whipped cream.
  2. Friendly's, 9551 Belair Rd. Also served in a mug, it comes with whipped cream for $1.89 (a scoop of Friendly's famous ice cream costs extra). 
  3. Starbucks, 8910 Belair Rd. A 12-ounce cup is sold for $2.65 with your choice of milk and optional whipped cream. 
  4. Dunkin' Donuts, 9644 Belair Rd. and 5003 Honeygo Center Dr. A 10-ounce cup costs $1.69 with optional whipped cream.
  5. 7-Eleven, 9617 Belair Rd., 8912 Belair Rd. and 8601 Honeygo Blvd. A self-serve 12-ounce cup is $1.33. Whipped cream, flavor shots, spices and creamers are available for free.
  6. Ridgely's Choice, 8615 Ridgelys Choice Dr. The popular breakfast deli also sells steaming hot chocolate for only $1 a cup. 
  7. Royal Farms, 9620 Belair Rd. Their coffee is as famous as their chicken—but we're told the cocoa, starting at $1.39, is yummy, too. Flavor add-ins are available.  
  8. Chick-fil-A, 8867 Belair Rd. Starting at $1.16, this fast-food joint will dress up your hot chocolate as fancy as their milkshakes—don't forget to ask for whipped cream and a cherry.
  9. McDonald's, 9106 Belair Rd. From their collection of McCafe drinks, hot chocolate is served with whipped cream and chocolate drizzle for $2.09 a cup.
  10. Perry Hall Nutrition, 4134 East Joppa Rd. A healthy hot chocolate? The first one is free, but for a $6 membership fee, you can get a chocolate shake, served hot if you'd like, with up to 15 grams of protein. 

Of course, don't forget your own home! Check out some of these recipes on Pinterest for everything from classic cocoa to adventureous variations. Lavendar hot chocolate, anyone? 

What's your favorite cold weather treat? Tell us in the comments.


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