Kingsville Market Closing Saturday

The store will close after for than 50 years of operation, and reopen under a new name.

By Brian Hooks

The Kingsville Market will close its doors for good on Saturday, after more than 50 years of providing groceries and fresh deli foods, according to The Baltimore Sun.

Elmer Kurrle, owner of the market, is closing up shop after opening way back in 1961. The store is offering many items for sale before it closes Saturday.

The location will reopen as a meat and liquor store in January, according to the report.

Do you have memories of Kingsville Market? Share them in the comments below.
Becky Sparr December 13, 2013 at 06:08 PM
Even though I heard about this over a month ago, it still deeply saddens me. Small business owners have no chance anymore:( my memories of the market are walking to it during blizzards because my parents couldn't get out. Cigarette vending machine in the lobby, the older ladies that worked there in the early nineties. My dad refuses to eat ground beef from anywhere else, kurrle smoking in the ice box while refilling it.( by the way that ice machine has the best ice around!!! Going in his office in the back to get my checks cashed from the vet hospital . Whenever I'm at my parents house and realize we are out of something " I'll run to the market" I know that will be said in their house for years to come!! Thanks for the memories mr kurrle Becky Sparr and family
Michael Rogue December 13, 2013 at 10:58 PM
My Grandfather Claude Rawl a long time Kingsville excavator broke the ground to build that market. Mr Kurrle has known me since I was born. I remember Frank at the butcher counter with the warmest genuine smile when I would go into the store with my mom. One of our favorite family stories... when I was 4 or 5 a very very tall man was shopping in the aisle and as we passed I started singing "In the valley of the giants, Ho Ho Ho Green Giant" the theme of the Green Giant food commercials. my mother badly, she recounts this story whenever the subject of the market comes up. This place is a part of all of us Kingsvillegers, in our memories, hearts, flesh and bone. Love ya Mr Kurrle Thanks for your service to your country and community.
Jane Shipley December 15, 2013 at 04:24 PM
I started going to the Kingsville Market about 20 years ago when my kids were little. It was just one of our "field trips," as I used to call our cheesy little adventures. We would go to the dump (since there was no curbside recycling then) and throw our bottles, cans and paper into the right dumpster. Some days we would go to the drive-thru car wash (almost as much fun as an amusement park), but the one that made me laugh the most had to be going to the Kingsville Market to watch the dancing Santa on the deli counter with a flock of little kids in tow. Another great market memory was when a Christmas centerpiece was delivered to us from the market, I guess because we were frequent customers, or maybe they had a drawing...I am really sad to see the end of a great community business. You could always count on running into friends there or just soaking up the warmth of a blast from the past. Best wishes to all the Kurlees! You will be missed.
You December 16, 2013 at 06:02 PM
Brian Hooks... do you remember going here? Do you know the owners? or just reading and re-reporting like a term paper?
Jeff December 17, 2013 at 10:09 AM
Both my Grandmother and mother worked at the market. My memories from the 70's... free cheese samples for us kids. Mr. Franks drawings on butcher paper, soda in the bottle from the soda machine in the back by the stairs. Even the artwork on the walls never changed. One of the last parts of my childhood that stayed constant... now gone. Oh well, life goes on.


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