Perry Hall Pet Hospital Features New Technology

Family Pet Hospital opened last week at 9810 Belair Road.

A state-of-the-art sonogram machine and X-ray machine that sends images directly to your smart phone—these are just two devices featured in Perry Hall's newest hospital.

But don't make an appointment for yourself. Patients at Family Pet Hospital are four-legged and furry.

The veterinary hospital at 9810 Belair Road opened last week and already has more than 30 clients, according to owner Dr. Muhammad Iqbal, who has worked as a veterinarian between White Marsh and Towson for 26 years. 

Iqbal said he was excited about the independence of owning his own facility.

"Working for a corporation, I was limited in who I could hire and what technology I could bring in. Now we can use the best equipment and staff. We save time and pass the savings on to customers," he said.

The hospital can process virtually any medical test in-house, Iqbal said. Behind the lobby and "Client's Corner" photo board are a sonogram machine, X-ray machine, blood test machines, surgical equipment, kennel, exam rooms and pharmacy.

The X-ray machine can send photo results directly to a client's email, smart phone or tablet. Questions, concerns, prescription refills and appointments can also be processed entirely online.

"All of the equipment is just amazing. We don't have to ever send a pet to a specialist," said Jenifer Schnitzlein, a veterinary technologist at the hospital.

The entirely customized facility represented an investment of more than $1 million, Iqbal said.

But longtime client Lisa Hart said Iqbal's one-on-one attention is even more valuable than the equipment.

"He'll explain anything you want to know. He's there for you," Hart said.

Family Pet Hospital faces competition from at least three local animal hospitals—Abbey Animal Hospital, Perry Hall Animal Hospital and Schulmeyer Animal Hospital Inc.

Iqbal said his "passion for preventative care" sets Family Pet Hospital apart.

"I want your pet to never get sick. If there's a disease going around, we stay ahead of the game and test for it," he said. 

Chad September 26, 2012 at 02:32 PM
No need in having all these specialist to see a pet. Any specialist needs equipment to tell the truth. This clinic has the tools on hand and expertice to follow up. You're wasting money seeing "specialist" :)
Stacey Rebbert September 26, 2012 at 10:00 PM
Congratulations and good luck!
DoggieMom September 26, 2012 at 10:54 PM
So you're saying they have an MRI in the clinic that could have diagnosed my dogs disc disease and performed surgery to repair it giving him the ability to walk again? Saying no need for all these specialists is just as ridiculous as saying they never need to refer to a specialist. I am thankful for all of the specialists I have seen over the years and don't regret a penny I have spent. You get what you pay for, period. Any Vet needs equipment to diagnose, last I checked animals don't talk. :) The difference is in their education, specialists have put years into learning about their area of expertise. It would be like going to a history teacher to help you with a math problem or going see your eye doctor (who is a specialist by the way) when you have a heart condition. Thanks for answering my question that they do not have any specialists on staff! I would rather spend my money to see a specialist when needed rather than have someone deny me the best possible care for my pet.
judy jon October 13, 2012 at 07:01 PM
He is trying to be a smarty pant, he is jack of all trades but master of none, not referring to a specialist is not fair for pets, he is there to screw u all. i hate people like that.
Susanne Bates D C December 08, 2012 at 06:41 PM
This doctor uses technology to send it to specialists as needed for proper diagnosis. If the pet needs to be seen in person by another specialist, I am sure the doctor would not hestitate to do so. In most cases however because of the imaging and other onsite testing they have if a diagnosis is not able to be made there, they can send that electronically to a specialist.


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