River Watch Liquor Board Hearing Set

Middle River restaurant and night club faces charges of music and noise violations.

A popular waterfront Middle River restaurant and nightclub -- which was the scene of a parking lot fight that sent three people to the hospital in June -- is scheduled to face a Baltimore County Liquor Board hearing for an alleged disturbing the peace violation in connection with loud music a month earlier.

River Watch Restaurant & Marina liquor license owners, Traci and Mark Sullivan, are scheduled to appear before the county liquor board for a show cause hearing on Aug. 15. The restaurant is located in the 200 block of Nanticoke Road.

According to documents reviewed by Patch, River Watch is accused of continuing to play music in a manner that is “in clear violation of the law.”  Riverwatch is also accused of continuing to “disturb the peace, tranquility, safety, health and quiet” of the surrounding neighborhood.

Some of the alleged violations stem from incidents that occurred on May 19 and “throughout” Memorial Day weekend. One local complainant wrote to the liquor board that the the owner of River Watch had been approached regarding the music but to no avail.

A special investigation was requested by the liquor board and Precinct 11 police officers are expected to appear for the hearing.

More recently, three men were transported to Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center, including one who was stabbed, . Baltimore County police arrived at the restaurant around 11:45 p.m., on June 26 and observed several groups of people arguing throughout the parking lot of the restaurant.

Mary Woods July 22, 2011 at 02:57 PM
The cops cant because of the judicial systems loop holes in the law. They bad @sses are out on bail before the paper work and reports are finished. When RW had bands like , River Rats, Spin, Krystal Klear, The New Romance, Faded Image. We did not have the rift coming in with all the fighting. But now that Boesche is there and the advertising to all of maryland to come to the RW it is nothing but trouble. I would not wnt to keep my boat at this marina with the noise and the rift coming in either. Bottom line is Mark is a party man and Traci is a business women Traci has her hands full I believe if Traci had her way there would be No Night life like it is. She is a very smart lady who prefers it to be of a family oriented restaurant. Why not do fund raisers there like some neighbor business do. Special olympics, juvenile diabietes, etc. This would draw in the right kind of crowds and put profit $$$$$$$ in the bbusiness and neighbor hood.
Deborah Lupo July 26, 2011 at 11:16 PM
To amdactivist: The restaurant has been a very well established classy eatery/known for it's surroundings and elete clientele; as well as superb food. If you wanted to celebrate a special occassion or guests / Riverwatch was a great choice. Notice I said WAS....in the past couple of years they have changed their way of handling business in as far as what kind of clientele they allow into their establishment and the decline in formal or acceptable clothing code that they were once known for. It is such a shame now that we cannot take our out of town guests or familys there anymore without being weary of the "type" of customers that now patron them... Seems like they are replacing or turning into the "old" establishment that used to be known as a bikers bar and nightclub back in the day...it was located right next to them where Marleys is now. I therefore understand the frustration and fears the neighbors have with the change in people and behaviors that are now allowed in...
Buzz Beeler July 27, 2011 at 12:26 AM
Mary, my brother and I were discussing the situation down there. He has a boat slip and during the weekends, other boaters will take his slip and then party at the bar. My brother has to battle the, (I won't say it) clientele for the right to his slip that he pays a pretty penny for. He spent a lot of time and money down there but says the obvious change in this type of clientele is driving the mature paying customers away. He did say that the older adult bikers have never caused a problem there and the key word here is adult. Hot button hints of the new patrons include low riding pants, crooked baseball caps and attitudes. Not a good combination for business. Remember, adults is the key word.
stacey July 27, 2011 at 02:19 AM
According to a conversation I had with Mark last Monday we were supposed to have a bouncer at the corner of Birch. No one ever showed so now I truly believe that he just doesn't give a sh!t and does not hold up to promises. I think it is sad that we would need a bouncer on our corner but IF the deck parties are allowed to continue I feel that it may be the only thing that can help. We have just over 2 weeks until the liquor board hearing and I am hoping that they lose the rights to the deck parties. After Mark not doing what he said I really believe that all he cares about is $$$$$!!! He does not care about our neighborhood at all.
Buzz Beeler July 27, 2011 at 02:53 AM
The bottom line is one of the key factors in illegal immigration and access to cheap labor. In a nutshell the bottom line trumps all.


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