Ask the Editor: Send in Your Questions

Include your question as a comment and I'll provide an answer by Monday.

I'd like to try a new column where readers can ask me questions on Fridays and I'll supply answers on Mondays—like a weekend-long Q&A.

Perry Hall readers generally do a great job of sending me questions by email, but I'm hoping that this feature will help spread the answers more widely throughout the community.

You can ask me about anything (really, anything)—just add it in the comments section below.

If I don't know the answer, I'll try to direct you toward someone who does.

Eugene April 08, 2011 at 07:24 PM
I walk past the Diner at the corner of Belair Road and Joppa every day. The litter at that location is a shame. I've even gone in to complain a couple of times. They cleaned it up once but that is it. I refuse to eat there until they take better car of the grounds. Any suggestions? Maybe PHIA?
Tony Mariella April 08, 2011 at 07:31 PM
Any idea when Hines Rd from Jippa to Magledt will be repaved ? I've asked the DOT for the last 2 years. They say it's on their list but haven;t seen anything done except patching
Jennifer Franz April 08, 2011 at 11:27 PM
Are there any updates about the two men that were found dead in the Red Fox Farms community?
Maryann April 09, 2011 at 01:53 PM
Can you provide an update on the (closed) intersection at Belair and Forge Roads? I hate the fact this is closed. I must always drive past where I need to turn, at Forge, and then back-track to go down Forge Road toward Perry Hall Farms and beyond. Thanks.
Susann McKenna April 09, 2011 at 05:23 PM
What is being built at the corner of Belair and Silver Spring which was the former location of Lauman's furiture store. Rumor has it a Walgreen's Thanks!
Emily Kimball (Editor) April 11, 2011 at 07:37 PM
My responses can be found here: http://perryhall.patch.com/articles/ask-the-editor-roadwork-business-and-local-crime
Judy Vicchio Dominick April 13, 2013 at 03:21 PM
I have a question what is it with Party place on the corner Of Horn ave and Belair Rd? It says it is open no one is ever there and always dark. Is the placed closed or what because it sticks out like a sore thumb!!!


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