Bishops Meadow Development Underway

The 50-home Bishops Meadow Housing development is underway.

The 19-acre plot neighboring the Perry Hall Library is being built by Chesapeake Realty partners. The land, originally owned by the Archdiocese of Baltimore, was sold to the county in a land swap deal that will add 11 acres of open space park land to Honeygo Regional Park.

The development will feature 50 single-family homes, which Councilman David Marks said was better than town homes or apartment units.

He said his office has been receiving calls for concern over the project. Marks, who touted his down zoning record, said the deal was made prior to his coming into office.

"I can't stop all development," Marks said. "I can't take away someone's private property rights. ... There has to be some growth."


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