Give Blood At The White Marsh American Red Cross

Want to save a life?

Most people, when giving blood, might read a book, watch a DVD or just try to not think about the inch-long needle in their arm.

Patchers are a little different.

I'm using the new Patch mobile app for iPhone users to encourage you to give blood, leading by example. I'm literally giving blood with my left arm, while typing with my right hand.

Every 112 days I am contacted by the friendliest vampires in America to give two pints of red blood cells. By my count I've given over two people's worth of blood.

Pardon me while I step down from my horse.

If you are capable, I urge you to make an appointment to give blood at the American Red Cross White Marsh donation center.

The donation center is located at 8114 Sandpiper Cir. Call 1-800-RED-CROSS to check for availability.


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