Tree Debris, Outages Abound as Perry Hall Recovers from Irene

Residents cleaned up yards and surveyed damage caused by the overnight hurricane.

While much of Perry Hall showed the marks of nothing more than a rainstorm, some residents lost massive trees and thousands lost power. Community members were seen in their yards assisting neighbors, eating out for breakfast and taking walks in the Sunday morning.

Scott Sampson, who lives along the 4400 block of East Joppa Road, woke up to relatively little storm damage.

"It's nothing major. Some limbs are down," he said, adding that he was grateful to have not lost electricity like nearby neighborhoods. "We flashed off and on three or four times, but we still have power."

Sampson said he was planning to take the tree debris in his yard to the county landfill this week to recycle it.

Meanwhile, on nearby Deborah Avenue, Eve and Bob Lukiewski found their prized 30-foot pine tree lying across their front yard and over a neighbor's driveway.

Bob Lukiewski enlisted the help of his stepson Donny Maxwell and neighbor Doug Stroh to remove the tree. Within a few hours, only the roots and a stump remained. They plan to mulch the rest.

Stroh said the tree fell gradually and quietly and caused no damage to nearby vehicles or houses.

"If it had to go down, that was the place to go ... the way it fell was perfect," Lukiewski said, adding that he may enjoy the extra space in his front yard. "We'll have more room for Christmas decorations this year."

At the in Perry Hall, Joe Ed, a retiree who often meets friends at the restaurant for morning coffee, said it was unusually crowded Sunday morning.

"At about 9 a.m., the drive-through was out onto the street," Ed said. "The churches are closed and a lot of people lost power."

Lost power brought the Rogers family, who live in a Parkville townhome, to the McDonald's for a hot meal. Marlowe Rogers said he's gotten used to losing electricity during storms.

"But it's still frustrating—only because we couldn't watch TV," he said.

While Ebenezer Road near appeared largely free of debris and damage, a resident on Kilkenny Circle lost a large tree that fell over much of the street overnight.

"It was scary. I was worried about my trees ... and took the kids down in the basement last night," said Emily Hines, who took a walk with her two children Sunday morning. "These trees just aren't safe. They're so old."

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Selma Kahl August 29, 2011 at 01:42 AM
My neighbor took all. Of his electric cords and put them together and they almost reached 200 ft and he took them to his neighbor that was out. They did not quite reach so the neighbor found some of his own to added to what was offered and now they have TV and lights. We are in farm country and houses are far apart.


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