Letter to the Editor: Call it a Christmas Tree

Dennis Chyba responded to an article about Perry Hall's holiday tree lighting.

In response to the article, , Patch user Dennis Chyba submitted the following statement as a letter to the editor:

Why is it that we can't call it what it is—a Christmas tree—not a holiday tree!

I am so sick of everyone trying to be politically correct. I am 68 years old and ever since I can remember, no one ever called it anything other than a Christmas tree.

I have friends with a wide variety of religions and I respect each and every one as they do me. We have talked in depth, detailing beliefs in religion. No one was ever offended or tried to sway the others' belief. When they come to my home, they always admire our Christmas tree and always refer to it as a Christmas tree. I know I am lucky to have so many friends with diversified religious backgrounds, but am I the only person that has friends that respect my religion and my feelings about the Christmas tree? If this is the case, I feel sorry for all the people out there without friends like mine.

Now man up and call it what it really is—the lighting of the Christmas tree!

Dennis Chyba

See the article, , to join a discussion about the use of the words "holiday" and "Christmas."

What do you think about Chyba's statement? Tell us in the comments.

Other Tim December 02, 2011 at 09:20 PM
Do you really Christmas is about religion anymore? It's a time of year, just like Thanksgiving.
Evets December 03, 2011 at 12:16 PM
You would have to go back a long way to draw and quarter the person(s) who came up with that idea. The first use of the term Xmas was in the early 1500s, but the use of X to refer to Christ goes back more than 1000 years. X is the Greek letter 'chi' and the first letter in the Greek word 'christos', meaning the 'anointed one' or 'messiah.' Some scholars believe that the X was used as a symbol by Christians who were trying not to call attention to themselves for fear of persecution. Also, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, the term 'mas' is an Old English version of the word mass. So, instead of drawing and quartering the person who came up with the term, maybe you could instead punish those that use it for their own commercial or political purposes. Now if you will excuse me, I have to go find my holiday menorah. Enjoy your holiday eve services at your favorite place of worship. By the way, does anyone find it ironic that the 2 longest breaks that public schools have are at XMAS and Easter? Of course, these are not religious holidays, they are "Winter Break" and Spring Break." It is simply a coincidence that they always occur during the same week that the two most important (to Christians, at least) Christian holidays are celebrated.
Tim December 03, 2011 at 08:08 PM
Evets: Nice, thanks for the history lesson. I agree with your suggestion, and Happy Chanukah to you.
Immanuel Baptist Church December 04, 2011 at 06:30 PM
People have a right to their own religious beliefs. I say "enjoy your holiday" to my Jewish friends - saying Merry Christmas would feel weird. But for everyone else who celebrates Christmas, which I think is most people, if you aren't celebrating the birth of Christ, what are you celebrating? Taking Christ out of Christmas is like having a birthday party and not inviting the guest of honor. For me, Christmas is about Jesus Christ.
Stephanie Miller December 05, 2011 at 02:44 PM
I would never think to want to call a menorrah a "light source" to be politically correct. I respect my Jewish friend's culture as is. And they respect my Catholic christian culture as is. When I say "Merry Christmas" to them they are not the least bit offended as they know I am referring to "my holiday". When they are referring to theirs they are free to address me in any way appropriate for them. As a Catholic working in a Jewish facility you can ask anyone who works there regardless of their religious background why "trees" are not appropriate holiday decorations. The response will be the same. It is to not focus on a Christian symbol in a Jewish facility. So let's call it what it is....... A CHRISTMAS TREE! Really, everyone will be just fine if it's called a Christmas tree.


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