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Comfortis Flea Treatment

Time is often a relentless master, and the fact that it keeps moving can be relied upon year after year.  Each year brings its own trials, but some things remain constant - especially for pet owners, especially flea season.  More and more pet owners are looking for more reliable and proactive ways to protect their animals from pests, and fleas are among a chief concern.  Fleas are harmful to dogs and cats, and no owner wants to see their pet scratching relentlessly at nearly-invisible invaders.  Comfortis goes above and beyond typical flea treatments and avoids the mess of a topical preventative that are more or less common for treating and preventing fleas.

Most topical solutions and preventatives come with their own unique hurdles to be overcome.  Owners have to wrestle their dog, hold them down steadily while trying (often unsuccessfully) to keep their head still in order to ensure correct application.  Comfortis does not have this requirement.  As a non-topical solution, it does not require unnatural wrangling, and therefore offers owners much greater ease when treating their pets.  When topical flea treatments are misapplied, it can often be ingested or removed by the pet, rendering whatever benefit it may have presented ultimately useless.

When using Comfortis as a flea solution, pet owners do not have to run the risk of keeping their dogs isolated either.  When using a competing, topical brand, the medicine is often easily rubbed off or licked away by other animals or members of the household.  No busy family has the time to carefully monitor a pet to ensure that the medicine sticks and rubs in to be effective.  Comfortis removes this barrier as well.  Additionally, Comfortis is not washed off by contact with water - a hurdle that topical flea solutions have yet to successfully overcome.  A lot of dogs enjoy playing in rain and water, and if they've been treated with a topical flea repellant, their protection often vanishes down the drain.

As with any oral, ingested flea medication, the biggest hurdle is getting your dog to actually swallow it.  Fortunately for dog owners, Comfortis is both chewable and pleasantly beef flavored to help dog owners ensure that their pets are treated.  In fact, some dogs even think that they're getting a treat instead of helpful medicine.  If a dog seems wary of an unusual treat, Comfortis can even be combined with food, and can therefore be given mostly unnoticed.

Comfortis goes to work incredibly fast, killing fleas in as few as 30 minutes.  It lasts for a month, and within four hours of treatment, up to 100% of fleas can be killed - rendering them a non-issue for a loyal pet.  It is safe for mixed breeds as well as pure bred animals, and can be given to dogs as young as 14 weeks and 5 pounds.   Correct dosage is determined by weight, and Comfortis comes in five different weight levels.  Each package of Comfortis comes with six tablets, ensuring protection for the animal for six months.  It is a powerful and effective tool in the battle against fleas, and without the messy hassle of topical solutions, it is a handy weapon in the hands of any loyal pet owner.  A helpful discount is available with the Comfortis coupon for new users.

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