Attention All Voters!!!

I've realized that voting is like genealogy, which is similar to putting together a puzzle. We all learned when we were kids that a puzzle's pieces need to fit together to create the correct outcome. This is the same in genealogy, and is true for selecting which Candidates are best for you in an election. You don't want to find out that a Candidate wasn't what he or she seemed after the election, because it's too late then. Don't regret your voting decisions later. If you hear your Candidates speak, listen to what they're actually saying. If you read something that your Candidates wrote, "read between the lines". Take the time to research your Candidates now to figure out which ones will best work with you to create the outcome you desire BEFORE the Primary Election on June 24th.

I realize that during non-Presidential election years, many people feel that the Primary Elections are not as important as the General Elections are. Think about it this way, someone asked you what you wanted to eat for dinner and you didn't bother to respond. When your dinner was placed in front of you, it was something that you really didn't want. The same can happen if you don't respond to the Primary Elections by voting. You could end up having to choose from Candidates that you didn't want in the General Election. Therefore in that respect, the Primary Election IS MORE important than the General Election because the Primary Election sets up who you'll be allowed to choose from in the General Election. Do you want the best Candidates to choose from to help guide your district and state in the General Election, or not? The choice is in your hands when you vote on June 24th for the Primary Election. Then, remember to vote again on November 4th for the General Election! Let's make our state great!  Thank you for your time. - Debbie Schillinger 


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