Parents: Share Your Tooth Fairy Traditions

My son lost his very first tooth, so what's the going rate in Perry Hall for a tooth?

As if starting wasn’t a big enough milestone, my son also lost his very first tooth. For the past month, he has been wiggling and wiggling that thing, and it finally gave way and fell right into his hand.

He was so excited, while I sat there shocked that it actually fell out. I jumped up to grab my camera to document this momentous occasion. And, of course, I posted a picture on Facebook!

After the initial thrill wore off, my husband and I wondered, what’s the going rate for a child’s first tooth? Is a first tooth more valuable than just a regular old tooth? And how on earth does the Tooth Fairy get the tooth out and the money in its place without waking the kid? Suddenly, I found myself nervously running to the bank machine and typing up a letter to leave with the money.

Then my son started with all his questions. “How does the Tooth Fairy know I lost a tooth? How does she get in my room? Won’t I wake up? Will she set off our alarm?” And on, and on, and on … 

My jaw dropped, I stuttered in my responses. All I kept thinking was, will he compare notes with the other kids at school? Clearly, I was not prepared for this moment!

Not quite sure how to answer his all of his questions, I did what every Internet savvy mother does. We grabbed our and found the Tooth Fairy’s website and looked up the FAQ’s. No joke, this is serious stuff. We even sent her an email, just to make sure she knows that Owen lost his tooth. It was perfect.

So, we all went to bed excited and nervous about all the milestones that we hit this week. It’s amazing how . And everyone tells you this, but until you’re a parent, you don’t really believe it. I remember the day his first tooth came in. Ironically, it’s the first tooth he lost. And now, we have one more milestone checked off the list.

So what are your Tooth Fairy traditions? Ours are just beginning. I’ve got plenty to learn, and lots of loose teeth in my future—especially now that he's realized that the faster the tooth falls out, the faster "free" money lands under his pillow.

Missy Teague August 31, 2012 at 02:26 PM
Tooth Fairy leaves $1 at our house and there is always a trail of "fairy dust" from the window to the pillow!
Stacey Schantz August 31, 2012 at 04:03 PM
I forgot the fairy dust!!! Am going to have to do that next time. Thanks for sharing!
Joyce Kahl Bowers August 31, 2012 at 08:34 PM
Wow inflation! Back this up to 1960's and I was trilled to get 10 cents. But then again the average annual income was about $5K. ;-)


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