Off-Duty Baltimore City Officer Pulls Gun on Dog at Annie's Playground

A Perry Hall resident witnessed the man threaten the dog.

A Baltimore City police detective threatened to shoot a woman's dog at Annie’s Playground on Saturday after the animal ran toward him and his family, according to police.

The officer does does not face any charges because Harford County police determined he acted lawfully. The Baltimore City Police Department is conducting an administrative review of the officer's off-duty behavior.

A Perry Hall resident who was at the park on Saturday said about 50 families were around when the incident occurred.

“He got my attention because his voice was raised and he said, 'You see this gun?' And he was pointing toward his hip where it was holstered,” said Perry Hall resident Dee Megert, 43, a witness to the incident. “Then I heard him yell, ‘I’m going to shoot that dog,’ and when I looked up … he was pointing the gun at the dog.”

Harford County Sheriff’s Office deputies arrived to the scene and spoke with the police officer, whose identity was withheld because he does not face charges.

According to a police report, a woman was walking her dog when it ran away from her and toward the detective and his wife, child, mother-in-law and his mother-in-law’s dog.

The officer then pulled his gun and warned the woman to get her dog under control or he would shoot it. When the woman caught up and grabbed the dog by the collar, the off-duty police officer holstered his gun. The police report lists the dog as a pit bull, but Megert said it was a “border collie size” mutt.

The woman told police that the gun was never pointed anywhere but at her dog. The police report states that the officer “acted within the law to protect himself and family by drawing the weapon.”

Megert, 43, was there with her 14-year-old daughter, 12-year-old son, her mom and sister, and her neighbor’s 13-year-old daughter. Her son, Jack, said he got a good look at the weapon.

“I saw a Glock. I think it was a .40 caliber. I don’t know for a fact,” he said. “It was silver and black. The rectangle on the side was silver and then the rest of the gun was black.”

Police originally said the city police officer did not remove his gun from its holster, but the police report indicates otherwise.

A spokesman for the Baltimore City Police Department said an internal investigation is being conducted.

“We were advised of the incident and that the Harford County Sheriff’s Office did an investigation. … We, in turn, opened a command investigation, which basically is an administrative review to make sure that no departmental policies and procedures were violated,” spokesman Anthony Guglielmi told Patch. “That investigation is still going on but at this point it appears that based on what the Harford County sheriff’s telling us, the officer was acting in a capacity to safeguard a family member.”

Tracy Dietrich March 28, 2011 at 03:54 PM
Dee - it just so happens he is my wonderful neighbor Ms. Lil's nephew I will print this out and make sure it gets to him
Dee Megert March 29, 2011 at 01:41 PM
Thanks Tracy. I think about him daily, I remember the look in his eyes, and I talk about him often. I'm kinda surprised I've never talked about him to you before. We left the bullet hole in the wall as a constant reminder of how blessed we were that day, as the normal routine of our mornings for some reason wasn't what happened that day and I believe saved at least one life.
heather April 02, 2011 at 02:11 PM
Lisa- that is what I assumed happened when I was reading this, and I don't believe it is anywhere near your fault. Because everyone is ok (including the pup!) There is a more important battle at hand here. When this story first came out, it probably came out as another "vicious pit bull on the loose", and even if it didn't, it stated the dog was a pit bull, and is just another statistic to get it into the minds of people that pit bulls are horrible, mean, bad dogs. Everyone needs to take a look at that. Look at the statistics... BSL is a very real thing, and how do they tell if your dog is of the "pit bull" type? they pull out a dressmakers tape measure, measure his chest and his hinds legs, and if measures correctly, he is taken away to be euthanized. There have been many mistakes, that unfortunately ended in death and could obviously not be undone. I believe that it is just horrible, whenever there is a negative dog story, everyone presumes 'pitbull' i own have owned and have met the nicest dogs, all of which were pitbulls. They are the most loving, forgiving, caring animals in this world. Having a pit bull really just makes life better everyday.
Keri Cockey April 07, 2011 at 02:02 AM
like the comment "cordstreet" this "cop" sounds like a real moron, come on, pulling your gun out at a family park with kids around you have got to be s*^$ing me!!! and no it is not just because he was a cop that this is such an issue it certainly does cause alot of just concern because as a cop you would think that the last thing he would do is pull his weapon. It scares me that this ahole is charged with the duty to protect and serve the community. I agree that maybe lisa should have been more careful but accidents happen and I think she acted appropriatly
Keri Cockey April 07, 2011 at 02:14 AM
really 2daysworking mom, you just made yourself sound really stupid!!! notice the only people that have "code names" on this site are the ones backing the cop


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