Watch Out (Flash)! Cop Ahead (Flash)! Should Warning Drivers About Police Be Illegal?

What do you think?

You've seen it — and maybe even done it — wherever you're driving: Vehicles traveling in opposite directions flash headlights to warn of a cop in the area who's looking for speeders.

When a truck driver in Southern Oregon flashed his lights last fall, he got a $260 ticket.

He wasn't happy. He decided to fight the ticket, and this past week a judge in Oregon voided the citation, finding that motorists flashing their headlights amounts to speech protected by the Oregon Constitution.

  • Which raises the question: Do you think warning others of police in the area is helping people break the law, or is it an expression that should be protected? Tell us in comments below.
brs(jackflanders) May 06, 2014 at 05:27 AM
For the second time I have seen the mobile billboards stating " K-9 Drug check point ahead." I had two dogs in the car and I was not about to pull over. At both sites ... I believe the operation was over when I drove by as I did not see any vehicles pulled over. Also I hear motorcycles are being targeted at Motorcycle check points. WHAT GIVES?
PH May 06, 2014 at 01:02 PM
mccoy, did you document it? Cop's name/badge #, date, time, where, what happened? If so, complain to his/her superiors AND consult a lawyer. Your rights against illegal search were violated!
PH May 06, 2014 at 01:16 PM
brs: Operational or not, they have no right to search your car without your consent, EVEN if a K9 alerts (that could be fake or you could have farted). Simply keep asking them, over and over and over, 'Am I being detained? Or am I free to go? This is what a driver did when immigration agents wanted to search his car for illegals while the guy was crossing into TX. Cop wanted guy to pull over, guy never did, finally was told to move along. Document, document like I said. Regarding the m/c only checkpoints? That died in committee this year, thanks to ABATE. It'll be back tho and ABATE will continue to fight. ABATE is a m/c ASSOCIATION that is nationwide...NOT a club. Cops can pull US over just because we're wearing ABATE colors. Same with Legion Riders, VFW, Patriot Guard, whomever! Both of you, feel free to contact me for more info: hdwoman@mail.com This is very important stuff and it's just the beginning. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS under the Constitution.


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