Downzoning Proposed for 95 Additional Perry Hall Acres

County Councilman David Marks has proposed a lower development potential in neighborhoods near Silver Spring Road.

has announced an additional 95 acres of in Perry Hall—part of his ongoing effort toward curbing future stress on the community's schools and roads.

His most recent proposal includes three zoning issue areas near Silver Spring Road, that are served by and .

Issue 5-035

  • Currently: 55.7 acres of privately-owned land, southeast of , mostly zoned DR 3.5, allowing for more than three homes per acre. 
  • Proposed: Marks proposes downzoning it to DR 1, one home per acre—lowering its potential from 194 homes to 56 homes.

Issue 5-052

  • Currently: 39.5 acres of undeveloped property on the eastern side of Perry Hall Boulevard, backing up to the Beaconsfield Road area, zoned for intense residential development, including apartments and townhouses. It is owned by Baltimore County or private entities. 
  • Proposed: Marks proposes downzoning it to DR 1. He also stated he supports a Planning Board recommendation to zone an additional attached 1.5 acres for commercial use at White Marsh Boulevard and Perry Hall Boulevard.  

Issue 5-058

  • Currently: .67 acres north of Torpoint Road, between Kilkenny Circle and Lagan Court, owned by Baltimore County or the Northgate Hall homeowners association, zoned at DR 5.5. 
  • Proposed: Marks proposes downzoning half the land to DR 1 and half to open space zoning.

Marks released the statement two weeks before the Baltimore County Council is scheduled to vote on the 2012 Comprehensive Zoning Map Process, which reexamines zoning designations every four years.

Issues considered for rezoning were first submitted between September and November 2011, and all property owners were notified of proposed changes over the past year. A series of have also been held.

Marks said none of the property owners involved in issues 5-035, 5-052 and 5-058 have contacted his office or contested the proposals for downzoning.

"They can still develop the land, just at a lower level of development. People have the right to sell their land—my job is to help determine what can be built there," Marks said.

The downzoning proposal is supported by the , according to the announcement.

Dennis M. Robinson, Jr., PHIA president stated, "The downzoning of these properties reflects a thoughtful and balanced approach to zoning issues that will help ensure that future growth in Perry Hall is responsible and sustainable. I think that is something we all want." 

Marks has announced his support for 182 acres of downzoned property in Perry Hall, including about , which virtually prevents any future development of those properties.

The main resistance to many of Marks' proposals has flowed from the Baltimore County Office of Planning. Donnell Zeigler, the 5th district's community planner, has claimed that , especially those owned by the county, can cause them to become needlessly devalued for resale. 

The volunteer citizen advisory , however, has given its approval to nearly all of Marks' recent downzoning proposals, according to county logs.

Community feedback, the Office of Planning, the Planning Board, Marks' stance and the opinions of other councilmembers are each factored into the CZMP.

Marks said he is confident that all of his proposals will be approved by the County Council during their vote on Aug. 28.

"What I continue to hear from people in Perry Hall is they’re very concerned about schools and roads," Marks said.

"I look at the high school which is overcrowded, Joppa View [Elementary] is at capacity, and I look at financial situation in the county—downzoning is the responsible thing to do," he said.

VS August 15, 2012 at 02:23 PM
Good work!!! Hope it works out!


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