Letter: Downzoning Shows Sound Reasoning

A Perry Hall resident said he agrees with recent downzoning initiatives.

Perry Hall resident Philip V. Tamburello submitted the following letter to the editor.

Dear Editor:

It is no secret that schools in Perry Hall are over crowded, especially Perry Hall Senior High School which has fourteen temporary classrooms. It is no secret that Perry Hall’s main corridors and side streets are congested with traffic from early to late morning and from mid afternoon to early evening, even more so during the school year. It is no secret that Perry Hall’s underground water works is aging as evident by several incidents of underground water pipes breaking. Despite these obvious problems, developers are still intent on constructing high density residential housing in Perry Hall.

As a Perry Hall resident for more than forty years, one asks when will sound reasoning be the linchpin to further development in our community? I am pleased to answer that the voice of reason has arrived in Councilman David Marks. In spite of pressure from certain property owners and developers, Councilman Marks is recommending that numerous acres of undeveloped land be rezoned from high residential density to low residential density. In light of Perry Hall’s current problems, Mr. Marks’ downzoning recommendations do not stop development but temper development with sound reasoning and good judgment. Well done, Mr. Marks.

Hopefully, the County Council will agree with Mr. Marks’ recommendations and sound judgment when it votes on the quadrennial zoning law this September.

Philip V. Tamburello
Perry Hall Resident

Read more about downzoning proposals and development in the Perry Hall area here.

Do you agree or disagree with lessening Perry Hall's development potential? Tell us in the comments.

Big T. September 29, 2012 at 12:09 PM
Though we all seem to agree that Perry Hall is very crowded this was all determined some forty years ago. My issue is that Mr. Marks took it upon himself to decide what I can and can not do with our property. I am sure that you and everyone else would not like me to decide what to do with your house and property. We informed Mr. Marks that we have no need to sell our land and want to preserve it as long as possible. So now we will do so only at a reduced value . Just remember that our land is not a public park or a dog park .


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