Marks Recommends Downzoning For Two Perry Hall Parcels

Eighteen acres of Perry Hall properties are slated for downzoning, the councilman announced Wednesday.

County Councilman David Marks released 18 acres worth of downzoning recommendations on Wednesday.

The recommendations are his last for Perry Hall west of Belair Road, Marks said in a statement.

"These decisions lighten the impact of any future development in western Perry Hall, a densely-populated area with few parks and undisturbed areas," Marks said in the statement.

In all, Marks has recommended 209 acres for downzoning in the 5th district.

Included in Marks' recommendations:

  • A 7.5-acre property east of Cedarside Farms should be downzoned from 5.5 and 3.5 residential units per acre to largely one per acre. One-tenth of the property would stay at 3.5 per acre. Marks noted in the release that the land was part of an old development plan for the Cedarside Farms community.
  • A 10.8 acre parcel north of Klausmeier Road and west of Gunview Road, now zoned for a mix of 5.5 and 3.5 residential units per acre, should change to 1 per acre for 7.6 acres and neighborhood commons on the remaining 3.2 acres. The neighborhood commons designation, allowed under a, prohibits development on the property. Marks said the land is owned by the county and two neighborhood associations.
  • Marks will recommend no change in zoning for 7.2 acres of undeveloped land on Gunview Road, north of Dundawan Road. The property is currently zoned for a mix of agricultural and two residential units per acre.

Marks' recommendations will be voted on by the full County Council later this month, as part of the quadrennial Comprehensive Zoning Map Process. The council gets the final say on all rezoning decisions.


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