Perry Hall High Ranks 7th in Classroom Size

The Baltimore Sun released a ranking of Baltimore County high schools with the highest average class sizes.

UPDATE (5 p.m.)—Baltimore County's also has some of the most crowded classrooms.

According to a Baltimore Sun report, ranks seventh in the county with 25.1 percent of classes with 30 or more students. ranks first with 36.3 percent.

Perry Hall is currently about 4 percent over-capacity with a total enrollment of 2,199 students, according to the school's county profile

The school faced budget cuts last year and was forced to .

In response to the Sun article on class sizes, Baltimore County Public Schools officials announced on Monday afternoon, "There is no empirical research that links student performance to class size."

Also stated in the release: "Baltimore County high school class averages—reported as ranging between 19 and 25 students this year—compare favorably with state and national average class sizes (about 23 students) even before the nation’s economic downturn."

County and state officials have frequently shared their to serve the Perry Hall and White Marsh areas. The need for the school is noted in the , which was approved by the county in 2011.

Does class size have a real impact on students' education? Where should a second high school serving area students be located? Tell us in the comments.

Paul May 15, 2012 at 10:17 PM
Yea! What she said!
diana K May 15, 2012 at 10:54 PM
Overcrowding was the main topic, both in the hallways and cafeteria. Yet, no one ever considers 12 month school. Students in different tracks alternating every few weeks to months would alleviate a good portion of the overcrowding issue. AP or no AP is not relevant. Good grades and a diverse background will do the job in most cases. Losing 18 teachers at PHHS is worrisome especially since some teachers there don't even have set classrooms and wander from room to room depending on which is available, making keeping track of materials difficult for both the teachers and students. Redistricting should be considered but so should 12 month school. Empirical data does show an improvement for those who are schooled year round. 4-6 weeks not wasted at the beginning of every school year while teachers reteach the previous year in FF.
JD1 May 16, 2012 at 04:04 AM
Year round school would be great for kids, but you would need to find the $$ to pay the teachers for two extra months. There is also the issue of millions in list revenue generated from vacations to ocean city ...etc. We have a system that is fundamentally broken and it will take some completely out of the box solutions. School change is always slow and painful - the status quo always wins. Revenues come down to choices - more teachers vs athletic programs/ music programs vs computers/ new stage vs new track. There are always strong lobbies on each side which result in no net change. How about "slots for teachers!"
Jimmy May 16, 2012 at 04:11 PM
Year round school wouldn't work here. We have too many schools with no air conditioning. Then as JD said, we would have to pay the teachers more - then they wouldn't be able to complain about low salaries! As well as lost revinue at vacation spots, there is always the increased cost to run the AC, have lights on, cleaning, fuel use for cooking, and the list goes on. Year round school will cause more problems than it solves. As far as the slotts revenue going to education, it does but then in the wonderful wisdom of the state politicians, they took the money they were giving schools and put it elsewhere. So, the schools didn't end up any better off.
Kim Ruark May 15, 2013 at 02:24 PM
And they will take 5 of the 9 trailers, excuse me, "learning cottages", out this summer? I don't understand how these decisions are made. It doesn't seem like they are going in the right direction.


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