PHOTO: Is Stubbornness Killing Parkville Men?

Public service announcement encourages medical testing.

A stone's throw from the is an eye-catching billboard. It reads, "This year thousands of men will die from stubbornness."

It also states, in small print, "Learn the preventative medical tests you need."

The sign was paid for by the federal government's Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, according to small print.

Robert Armstrong October 07, 2011 at 04:15 PM
Men don't need tests. http://www.cnn.com/2011/10/06/health/prostate-screening/index.html?hpt=he_c2
John Therres October 07, 2011 at 04:43 PM
Prostate cancer kills more PEOPLE than breast cancer. If men do not want to take medical tests, they are making a decision to die before their time.
Robert Armstrong October 07, 2011 at 05:21 PM
But why do I always have to get the Doctor with the big ol' Polish sausage fingers???
Hank October 07, 2011 at 06:20 PM
We all are going to die from something. It might as well be that.
Angela MPhotography October 08, 2011 at 11:06 PM
As long as women stay up to date with their skills in matching symptom lists with potential illness, men only need to listen to their mother, sister, wife, or daughter when they tell the man to go to the Doctor. Of course... STUBBORNESS still applies.


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