Rep. Harris: Romney Would Have Saved Economy

The Republican congressman discusses toll increases, redistricting and who he supports in the 2012 presidential race in part two of his interview with Patch.

Harford County citizens should not have to fund roads in District of Columbia suburbs, Rep. Andy Harris said.

In Part II of an interview with Patch, the freshman congressman decried increases proposed by the Transportation Authority.

“The I-95 and the crossing are significant. And both of them, they’re paying for and roads that have paid for themselves already,” Harris said Wednesday. “What I really object to is taking money from people in Harford County, or in the case of the eastern shore [who use the ], taking their money and spending it on roads in Montgomery and Prince George’s County [for] the Intercounty Connector.”

The Republican also offered support to a trio of conservatives in the 2012 presidential election race.

“We’ve got Mitt Romney, who has experience in the financial world, which would be absolutely essential in this period of crisis. I think we would have seen, had Mitt Romney been our president, we would have seen a very, very different handling of the economy,” Harris said. “I think Rick Perry’s going to enter the race. I think Rick Perry has an excellent record as governor of Texas. Michelle Bachman’s in the race. She has a great record in Congress. And the list goes on and on. ... The contrast with [President Barack Obama] could not be more stark.”

Harris also discussed why he believes that Washington is better off with the GOP in control of the House of Representatives, why he opposes Senate Majority Leader and Democrat Harry Reid’s debt crisis solution proposal and why redistricting in Maryland is a partisan affair.

Neversure July 31, 2011 at 11:21 PM
Thank you Tom. As an addendum to my comment, the depression didn't really end until we got into WWII, when mass building and manufacturing was ramped up, AND an additional "War Tax" was enacted. A sure "stimulous package" of the time. "W" missed that step - Tax Increase - when he got this country into Afghanistan and Iraq.
Neversure July 31, 2011 at 11:25 PM
Robert, not only were there no WMD, there were those on the right who harped on Obama, wondering why we weren't already in Libya not only with bombs, but with boots on the ground.
kevin August 01, 2011 at 12:38 AM
Tom that is not true Hillary Did say that there was evidence that she was aware of before she made her decision.She said it was easy for Obama to vote against it because he was a new and didn't have the pressure to do it .That was her defense .Now when are we going to dicuss the Millionsof dollars that Saddamspent on creating the misinformation that he had WMD's to keep power in the Arab world? And his daily targeting of US and nato Fighters ?He was going to keep it up until someone stopped him. The people of Syria are being murdered everyday and our reporters can't get in there.What are you guys going to say when it is toppled and we find the WMD there? Remember before you say that isn't true ollie north's warning on Bin laden.
Tom Barnes August 01, 2011 at 01:57 AM
Absolutely agree, Robert.
Tim August 01, 2011 at 02:01 PM
I almost spit coffee all over my keyboard (due to laughing) when I saw Harris claim that Bachmann has "a great record in Congress". She's done next to nothing. - Not a single bill or resolution she’s sponsored has been signed into law. - She’s never wielded a committee gavel. - Bachmann’s amendments and bills have rarely been considered by anyone, even in this Republican dominated Congress. Sarah Palin looks competent next to Michelle Bachmann, and that’s saying something. Bachmann is nothing more then a bomb tosser. In fact just two days ago I heard a re-airing of her luncheon speech to the National Press Club that took place last Thursday. She, within a 4-5 sentence sequence, first says (paraphrased)" I have supreme confidence that the Congress will pass a deal to raise the debt ceiling, and the full faith and credit of the United States will be maintained" - and then goes on to say a couple sentences later "...however, I cannot support or vote for the current House deal supported by Speaker of the House John Boehner". And people take her seriously? Really? The fact Mr.Harris even puts Romney and Bachmann in the same breath leaves me in stitches as the two of them are on opposite ends of the "Republican" spectrum. Romney (and perhaps Jon Huntsman) are the only candidates (in my current estimation) who have a reasonable shot at winning a presidential election. Everyone else is too far the other direction to garner the independent vote.


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