Perry Hall High Donates Blood, Reflects on Student Shooting

Dozens of students and community members donated blood in the cafeteria on Tuesday night.

With a small swab on her arm, Sarah Donofrio rests in her chair Tuesday night inside Perry Hall High School's cafeteria. 

Donofrio, a senior at the school, decided to give blood for the first time during the event honoring Perry Hall shooting victim Daniel Borowy. 

"It wasn't bad at all," she said. "I know there's been a blood shortage since the hurricane, and I wanted to come out for Daniel."

Volunteers reported more than 60 participants between 3 p.m. and 7 p.m. The drive ended at 8 p.m. It was hosted by the University of Maryland Medical Center—the hospital where Borowy was flown immediately after the shooting.

Casey Smith, a student volunteer, said excitement grew with the arrival of Borowy to the cafeteria early in the evening—the room where he was randomly shot on the first day of school.  

"It felt great having everyone together doing something good," Smith said. 

"People are just happy to help out," said Leah Bradford, another student volunteer.

Several fundraisers and benefits have honored Borowy since the shooting. Last month, he was chosen to throw the ceremonial opening pitch during the first Orioles-Yankees playoff game. There, he was joined by guidance counselor Jesse Wasmer, who is credited with stopping the student shooter during the attack.

Borowy, a special needs student, returned to classes after a successful recovery last week. 

A few additional events honoring Borowy and the school's recovery, including a concert and art project, are planned in the coming weeks, according to assistant principal Stephen Arnold. 


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