Any Snow Days? Perry Hall Kids Meet Baltimore Weatherman

Chief Meteorologist Tom Tasselmyer of WBAL-TV visited Gunpowder Elementary.

He's one of the most recognizable faces on Baltimore television, but last week Tom Tasselmyer answered to some of his toughest viewers—elementary school children. 

Tasselmyer, the chief meteorologist for WBAL-TV, talked weather with a packed room of fifth graders and teachers at Gunpowder Elementary in Perry Hall. After demonstrating instruments including a barometer and thermometer, he lead the students in open discussion. 

Not surprisingly, last year's mild winter and this year's overall lack of snow had left his audience with questions. 

"Do you think we're going to have any snow days?" a student asked. A teacher added, "Do you predict any big snow storms?" 

Tasselmyer told the crowd not to bet on a blizzard anytime soon. 

"It's a winter that should turn out to be on average very average. So far, we haven't had any big snow storms yet and we have a lot of catching up to do, which means we may have one or two snow storms in our region, but don't expect anything huge," he said. "The weather system that creates really huge snow storms is called El Nino, and it's not an El Nino winter, so we're kind of in between and we have to hope for an average snow storm." 

Tasselmyer admited he was a little disappointed by the recent mild weather.

"My favorite weather event is a big old snow storm. I like a snow storm so big it causes thunder snow ... that's when you know a snow storm is really cranking up," he said. 

Teacher Gary Werner invited Tasselmyer as part of the students' weather unit. 

"In fifth grade we teach weather, and what better way to teach than to bring in the expert? You can see how excited the kids are. It's all about teaching STEM. They can learn to love math, science and engineering," Werner said. 

Tasselmyer said he tries to visit multiple elementary schools around the Baltimore area each year with the hope of promoting science education. 

"Weather isn't just about being on TV. It's a science. I hope to inspire kids to get more involved in math and science. There are all kinds of types of meteorologists and they all use math and science," he said. 


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