Perry Hall's Proposed Open Space, in Photos

Three areas in Perry Hall are being reviewed for protection from virtually all future development.

What does open space look like?

Three areas in Perry Hall, representing a total of about 55 acres, are being reviewed for a new classification that would prohibit nearly all future development. announced each of the proposals this month.

See the above gallery for photos of the proposed spaces. Maps are also included above in PDF, showing the following issues:

Zoning Issue Acreage Location Owners Within the Tremper Farms and Northgate Hall communities and bordering the along Honeygo Boulevard Northgate Hall Community Association, Chesapeake Homes Incorporated,
Baltimore County, Tremper Farms Incorporated, a small piece of unknown ownership West of Honeygo Boulevard across from the Rita Limited Partnership (same as Chesapeake Realty Partners, which owns Honeygo Village Center)
East of the Perry Hall Apartments on Joppa Road before the Hines Road intersection

Baltimore Gas and Electric, Perry Hall Associates (same as , which owns Perry Hall Apartments), Baltimore County

Marks was the principal sponsor of a bill, passed by the County Council in March, that created the classification known as . Previously, the lowest a potentially residential area could be downzoned was one house per acre, DR 1. Classification NC-DR 1, however, essentially leaves an area untouched by any construction.

Owners of the properties have not the downzoning, while community organizations have shown their , according to Marks.

The , Tremper Farms Homeowners Association, Northgate Hall Community Association, and have each publicly issued their support in favor of proposed open space related to issues 5-056 and 5-038.

Representatives of Chesapeake Realty Partners were not immediately available to comment on issue 5-038 when contacted by Patch.

Representatives of declined to comment on issue 5-044 when contacted by Patch. Marks said the company has been contacted by his office but received no response.

BGE was also not immediately available to comment on issue 5-044 when contacted by Patch.

Marks has been a proponent of downzoning in the Perry Hall area since taking office in 2010. He first announced plans to in Perry Hall in December 2011.

The Baltimore County Office of Planning, however, has to nearly all of the downzoning proposals, claiming that they would needlessly devalue the land.

Marks' proposals and the Office of Planning's stance, as well as and community feedback, will be factored into the county's 2012 Comprehensive Zoning Map Process, which reexamines zoning designations every four years. The County Council is scheduled to vote on the final zoning map by Sept. 16.

Does open space classification needlessly devalue land, or does it provide a worthwhile community benefit? Tell us in the comments.

Bart June 19, 2012 at 04:19 PM
It's nice to know that these areas will stay just as they are now. Good call, Mr. Marks. I'm sure most of the neighbors are happy with this decision.
Renee June 19, 2012 at 04:32 PM
Kudos!! But more needs to be marked for open space! Perry Hall is getting too crowded as well as the roads!!! And some of the roads are in desperate need of repair, yet they continue to repave, dig up, and repair the same roads over and over!!
You June 20, 2012 at 02:01 AM
OMG! The land owners are dying... oh no! How will they survive if they had this land for 50 years and now need to sell it? This corner should be a new 7-11 or 25 town homes (tax base baby). Of course sarcasm in whole!
Sassy July 24, 2012 at 06:04 PM
I would think the open spaces would add value to the exisiting homes. No one wants a town home, apartment or another house in their back yards.


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