Middle River Family Needs New Heart for 4-Year-Old

Anyone can help the Parrott family, through their GoFundMe fundraising page.

Madison Parrott, 4, is hoping for a new heart. (Credit: Parrott family)
Madison Parrott, 4, is hoping for a new heart. (Credit: Parrott family)
By Brian Hooks

Open heart surgery is typically associated with older men, but a Middle River family is hoping for the surgery to get their 4-year-old daughter a new heart.

Madison Parrott has dealt with cardiac issues since she was born, and the severity of her condition has kept her off of the transplant list, reports CBS Baltimore.

As she waits to get on the transplant list, Parrott is living at the Johns Hopkins Hospital, and her mother, Dana, has taken medical leave from work to be with her.

Since Dana took leave from work, the medical bills have started to add up, and that's where you can help. The family has a GoFundMe page where anyone can donate to the Parrott family, as Madison waits for a new heart.

With a new heart, Madison would have a 90 percent chance of survival for at least a year, according to the report.


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