Tammy Zaluzney
Having grown up with animals of every kind as a vital part my life, I have not only a deep respect and appreciation for, but a commitment to helping strengthen the human / animal bond in every conceivable way.  As a veteran in the animal welfare field of more than 20 years, I have quietly helped to develop numerous animal welfare organizations and continues to consult with shelters, rescues, animal control agencies and organizations to improve the lives of pets and abolish pet homeless, while running my own artisan pet food company.  I am committed to helping people with their own pets both in Perry Hall and the surrounding region. 
I have run my own successful animal behavior company, served as a member of the clinical staff at that National Zoo in Washington D.C., founded and led a national animal welfare organization and served as executive director of one of the regions most successful animal shelters.  I am dedicated to helping enhance the human / pet bond, the lives of individual pets as well as organizations working to ending pet homelessness.