Pregnant Baltimore County Fire Fighter Gives Birth After Helping At Crash Scene


Credit: Bowleys Quarter Volunteer Fire Dept.

BALTIMORE COUNTY - A Baltimore County volunteer firefighter is being recognized on Facebook for her heroics at a crash scene. The firefighter, identified only as Megan, gave birth to a baby girl only 24 hours after saving a life.

Megan is a Bowleys Quarter Volunteer Fire Department member and a career firefighter in Baltimore County, MD. She had just finished organizing and hosting her late father's 2nd annual memorial golf tournament when she was involved in a significant motor vehicle collision.

According to the Bowleys Quarter Fire Dept., Megan quickly sprang into action.

"Ignoring any chance she could be injured, Megan immediately exited her mangled vehicle and began caring for a person trapped by their overturned car. Megan stayed with this patient until Squad 213 arrived to free the victim."

Less than 24 hours after being in a car accident and saving a life, Megan gave birth to a baby girl.

The Bowleys Quarter Fire Department went on to congratulate Megan on her heroics.

"Since no good deed should go unrecognized, we wanted to highlight Megan's heroic and selfless actions. Congratulations, Momma Megan, Job Well Done!"

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