State Delegate Demands Answers From BCPS On Violence At Perry Hall High School


Credit: Van Fisher/Patch

PERRY HALL - State Delegate Kathy Szeliga wrote a letter to Baltimore County Public Schools calling on the district to address student fights and aggression inside Perry Hall High School.

Szeliga lives in Perry Hall and is joining a host of concerned parents and local lawmakers asking BCPS for more transparency in how they plan to prevent violence.

Szeliga’s letter asks the school what is being done, what consequences are levied against students who commit acts of violence, what accommodations are being made to make students feel safe, and specifically, what consequences were imposed on the perpetrators of the two high-profile incidents this year.

Perry Hall High School responded to Szeliga’s letter citing a vast array of consequences and preventative measures currently in place at Perry Hall HS.

The following is taken directly from Perry Hall HS’s response to delegate Szeliga. You can read the full letter here.

What is being done to stop this antisocial behavior?

  • The Student Behavior Handbook is reviewed with all students.
  • Clear expectations are outlined for all students.
  • Five school safety assistants have been hired and assigned to PHHS this school year. This is a new position within Baltimore County Public Schools to address safety concerns and build positive relationships with students.
  • Parent conferences are consistently held to address student behavior concerns.
  • Student conferences are consistently held to address unacceptable behaviors.
  • Support staff provides counseling and behavioral support.
  • Students involved in aggressive and/or criminal behavior receive serious consequences including:
    • A short-term suspension (10 days or less)
    • A long-term suspension (11 days to expulsion)
    • Assignment to an alternative educational program

What are the consequences for students involved in physical fights?

  • Short-term suspensions are issued (up to 10 days).
  • Long-term suspensions through the Student Conduct Hearing Officer are issued (11 days to expulsion), when appropriate.
  • Arrests/criminal charges are issued, when appropriate, by the Baltimore County Police Department
  • Students are involved in restorative practices after logical consequences have been served.
  • Mediation/restorative conferences may be held to resolve the conflict, when appropriate.
  • Community conferencing is offered.
  • Parent conferences are consistently held.

What accommodations are being made to make students feel safe at Perry Hall High School?

  • There is increased adult visibility throughout the school.
  • The Student Behavioral Handbook is reviewed with all students.
  • A school safety team has been created.
  • Students who are following school rules are given recognition.

What consequences have you levied on the students involved in these two highly publicized Incidents?

  • Students were suspended to the Student Conduct Hearing Officer.
  • Due to student privacy laws specific details can not be shared, however, we can
  • confirm serious school and legal consequences were administered.
  • Students were removed from Perry Hall High School.
  • Parent conferences were held

What can I do to help you make Perry Hall High School and all Baltimore County schools safer? Do we need legislation?

  • Police need the ability to question students engaged in criminal activity without waiting for an attorney to be present.
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These are tough times, but where are the kids learning that this is acceptable behavior? What are the top ten subjects that divide the student to the degree that they act out this way. Is Conflict Resolution being taught in the classrooms?

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Is Conflict Resolution being taught in the classrooms? really? Wow, same *** teachings, race lessons, now you want this? The kids are dumb as **** nowadays. Always off from school, not enough of the regular academics as it is with all this other nonsense. Parents need to put down their phones and get off their ***** and parent. 

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