Councilman Marks: Boundary Study Map Option Six "Extremely Disruptive"


Credit: Van Fisher/Patch

PERRY HALL - A recent map revision from the Central and Northeast Area Boundary Study has drawn condemnation from Baltimore County Councilman David Marks.

Map option six would divide Perry Hall in two along Bel Air Road, with students living west of the road attending Pine Grove Middle School and students to the east attending Perry Hall Middle School.

Credit: Central and Northeast Area Boundary Study/ BCPS

The proposal is one of seven map options currently being considered by the Board of Education and is the only proposal that would drastically change the boundaries of Perry Hall Middle.

Baltimore County Councilman David Marks issued the following statement regarding the northeast/central middle school boundary discussion and map option six:

"Over the years, I have generally avoided becoming involved in the redistricting process that is done by the Baltimore County Board of Education. I know this is a tough process, and I respect the work that the parent/student committee invests in this effort."

"The boundary process should make every effort to respect the historical boundaries of all communities."

"Regrettably, I have seen options advance that run counter to this spirit, including at least one that splits Perry Hall in half along Belair Road, sending the western section to Pine Grove Middle School and the eastern area to Perry Hall Middle School."

"This and other proposals are extremely disruptive to established communities, and they should be rejected. The boundary committee and the Board should honor our historical neighborhoods and aim for compactness wherever possible. That applies not just to Perry Hall but every other community in Baltimore County."

Fifth District Board of Education Representative Julie Henn has created a Facebook page to discuss the boundary study process.

Both Henn and Marks encourage residents to fill out the Central and Northeast Area Middle School Boundary Study Comment Form and continue providing input so the study can achieve as equitable a result as possible.

"This is halftime. Public engagement is about to kick into gear; the online comment form is still open, and soon, the survey will open; you have the ball. Changes will likely come as fast and as furiously as your comments - keep them coming. The process needs you to work," Henn wrote.

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