Extensive Road Resurfacing Projects Scheduled For Baltimore County's Fifth District


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PERRY HALL - MDTA is planning an extensive road resurfacing project spanning approximately ten miles across the northeastern regions of Baltimore County, County Councilman David Marks confirmed on Friday.

Roads across the fifth district will receive upgrades, including the often-maligned Old Harford Road section in Carney.

In a statement, Marks thanked County Executive Johnny Olszewski and drew attention to the imminent completion of the resurfacing works in the Woodcroft vicinity and along Old Harford Road.

“I would like to thank County Executive Olszewski and his staff for working closely with me to advance these improvements,” said Councilman Marks. “In particular, I am happy we are starting to wrap up resurfacing in the Woodcroft area and Old Harford Road.”

The council member also urged patience and understanding from residents, emphasizing the multitude of requirements against the backdrop of finite resources.

“Please keep in mind that the county has many needs and limited resources,” Marks added. “Every time I put out a road list, there are some who are disappointed and wonder why their route is not prioritized. We are working to get as many routes improved as possible. Some corridors, such as Honeygo Boulevard, need utility upgrades first before they will be resurfaced.”

The complete list of roads scheduled for resurfacing is as follows:

Kingsville Area

  • Camp Cone Road to Sharon Drive (0.46 miles)


  • Old Harford Road from Summit Avenue to East Joppa Road (0.99 miles)
  • Satyr Hill Road from Perring Parkway to East Joppa Road (0.1 miles)
  • Satyr Hill Road from East Joppa Road to Old Harford Road (0.34 miles)
  • Edgefield Road from Ellis Road to Richmond Avenue (0.13 miles)
  • Roper Road from Woodcroft Road to Richmond Avenue (0.22 miles)
  • Woodcroft Road from Richmond Avenue to Ellis Road (0.46 miles)
  • Hilltop Drive to Magledt Road (0.17 miles)
  • Summit Avenue at Harford Road (0.29 miles)
  • Upton Road from Orbitan Road to Walther Boulevard (0.8 miles)

Seven Courts Drive Corridor

  • Bellhall Drive from Parkhurst Way to Oakfalls Way (0.45 miles)
  • Sylvan Park Court to Seven Courts Drive (0.12 miles)
  • Pike Hall Place to Seven Courts Drive (0.13 miles)
  • Darbytown Court to Proctor Lane (0.04 miles)
  • Sandstone Court to Proctor Lane (0.14 miles)
  • Chesthill Court to Seven Courts Drive (0.04 miles)

Joppa Road Corridor

  • Perry Woods Court to East Joppa Road (0.19 miles)
  • Ridgelys Choice Drive from E Joppa Road to Belair Road (0.61 miles)

Central Perry Hall

  • Brookbend Road from Loch Lomond Drive to Baker Lane (0.1 miles)
  • Cliffvale Road to Belair Road (0.29 miles)
  • Loch Lomond Drive from Locharrow Road to Glen Park Road (0.23 miles)
  • Locharrow Road from Dundawan Road to Glen Park Road (0.22 miles)
  • Bartley Court to Cottington Road (0.1 miles)
  • Shawn Court to Perryvale Road (0.12 miles)
  • Rexis Avenue to Cowenton Avenue (0.43 miles)
  • Wynn Road to Parlo Road (0.18 miles)

Seneca Park

  • Nannette Lane from Seneca Park Road to Seneca Park Road (0.38 miles)
  • Seneca Park Road from Carroll Island Road to Beach Road (1.18 miles)

Construction is expected to continue until the spring of 2024.

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