Proposed Legislation Would Auction Historic Perry Hall Mansion, Provide $250,000 For Restoration


Constructed in the 1770s, the Perry Hall Mansion was once the heart of a vast plantation in Baltimore County. (Credit: Historic Perry Hall Mansion, inc./ Facebook)

PERRY HALL - Baltimore County Council Member Julian E. Jones has proposed legislation to pave the way for the historic Perry Hall Mansion's auction and restoration.

Constructed in the 1770s, the Perry Hall Mansion was once the heart of a vast plantation in Baltimore County. Established by Harry Dorsey Gough, the mansion's name pays homage to his family's castle near Birmingham, England.

Despite its illustrious past and recognition as a "sister" house to the nearby Hampton Mansion, the centuries have not been kind to the historic Perry Hall residence. Never utilized by any County department, the mansion is in dire need of comprehensive maintenance and restoration.

Baltimore County purchased the mansion in 2001, intending to transform it into a museum and community hub. Initial restoration efforts in 2004 garnered an award from the Preservation Alliance of Baltimore County, recognizing it as an "outstanding public project." However, the momentum didn't sustain, and the hope now is that a new owner, backed by the county's support, will restore the Perry Hall Mansion to its former glory.

Council Member Jones has proposed two resolutions that could change the mansion's fate. Resolution No. 21-23 gives the county the nod to sell the mansion via auction, and Resolution No. 22-23 offers the future owner substantial grants to help with renovation costs.

The property is under a historic preservation easement with the Maryland Historical Trust, mandating the protection and preservation of the landmark property. Additionally, future owners must provide limited public access and obtain prior approval for any changes or alterations.

The Baltimore County Government hopes that placing the mansion into the hands of a party committed to its rehabilitation will not only preserve its history but also reintroduce it to the tax rolls.

The proposed legislation would provide a financial cushion to the mansion's future owner, offering a $250,000 grant to mitigate renovation costs. These funds are especially important given the high price of adhering to preservation requirements set by the Maryland Historical Trust.

The resolutions are slated for discussion at the County Council's Work Session on Tuesday, August 29, 2023, at 4 p.m. A final reading and vote will occur during the Legislative Session on Tuesday, September 5, 2023, at 6 p.m.

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