New Community Solar Array In Rosedale Boosts Renewable Energy Access Across Baltimore Area


Baltimore County officials inaugurate the new solar array in Rosedale. (Photo Credit: Summit Ridge Energy)

BALTIMORE COUNTY - Two renewable energy companies recently inaugurated a new Community Solar array in Rosedale, marking a significant step toward increasing access to renewable energy for Baltimore residents.

Situated on the rooftop of a building at 7001 Quad Ave, the new solar array is among 15 such projects aimed to serve approximately 6,000 homes in the Baltimore area.

Community solar technology employs advanced solar panels installed on local farms or rooftops to convert sunlight into usable electricity. This energy is then fed directly into the local electricity grid. Baltimore residents can opt into this program, promoting the use of clean energy while also reaping economic benefits.

"Community solar offers a powerful alternative for residents in the BGE utility area who want to advocate for renewable energy but are unable to install their own rooftop solar panels," IGS Energy said in an official statement.

Participants in the program are eligible for up to 10% savings on their electric costs, enhancing its appeal as a practical, eco-friendly energy solution.

According to Summit Ridge Energy and IGS Energy, the initiative is not only green but also economically viable, promising to boost the local economy through renewable infrastructure investment and the creation of long-term jobs.

Those interested in participating in this renewable energy program or seeking more information are encouraged to visit IGS Energy's Solar Savings webpage or contact the helpline at (877) 448-6716.

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